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About Us

Knowledgeable Home and Property Inspection Professionals

Our inspectors are certified and experienced in all facets of home and property inspection. We provide an honest, and thorough assessment of your home and property and provide a professional easy to understand report that covers the inspectors’ findings. The report establishes the concerns and conditions of the findings for your property and explains the standard operating procedures of the industry so you will know what to expect from our team. 

Quality you can trust.

We Notice The Little Things

If you are buying or selling a home or property, let our inspectors provide you with the peace of mind that your investment is not hiding any unknown issues. Our attention to detail and experience will provide you with a thorough inspection to uncover any issues that exist. Our goal is to provide you with the best understanding of the condition of the property. We also offer a presale inspection for people selling a property.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Freestone Inspections Ltd. provides a full-service property inspection so that you can feel confident and prepared in your property inspection. The easy to understand report will provide any and all details uncovered during an inspection and will give a clear understanding of the major issues if there are any and also any minor issues uncovered. This helps you know what to be prepared for if you decide to go through with the purchase or sale of the property. 

Our Services

Full Service Inspection

Full service home and property inspections including interior and exterior system components from the roof to the foundation and everything in between.

Presale Inspection

We offer presale inspection for property sellers also. The presale inspection can help expedite the selling process by providing owners and potential buyers with a written report as to the condition of the home or property. Presale inspections give the sellers a better idea of any issues that can be corrected before the sale or at least uncover any possible conditions so that the seller is not unexpectedly surprised with an issue that could kill the deal. 

New Construction Inspection

We offer new construction inspections that provide new home builders with an extra set of eyes to keep contractors honest and help to bring attention to possible problems before completion of the home.

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